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    My obsessions—30/∞    Dean’s love for Sam

    The very first thing I loved about Supernatural (besides Sam and Dean) is how much they love each other. Dean raised Sam, did everything for him, gave up anything and everything to make him have a little happiness in a life full of disappointment because of how they were forced to live. He literally pulled him out of the fire several times and gave his life for him countless more. I mean he sold his soul and went to Hell to bring him back. But the little things are what I love even more, how he takes care of him when he is hurt, how he wishes more than anything that Sam could have a normal life even though it would kill him to not be with him all the time. I love how he will kill anything that even looks at Sam wrong. Even when Dean is hurt and in pain his first instinct is to make sure that Sam is ok. He would gladly give his life for Sam to have the one he thinks he wants, but now Sam is to the point where he no longer wants the normal life and Dean is just as much his life and he loves him just as much. That is why it absolutely KILLS me that they have gotten to where they are. Dean would die for Sam to be happy but he would die if Sam were ever not in his life. These two are the first characters that I feel infinite feels for. I cry so much because of them and I just love their bond and ugh the way they make me so happy then so sad. I also love how they can communicate with out talking, know exactly what the other one is going to say and what they are thinking. I fucking love Sam and Dean so much and all I want is for things to be the way they have been and stay that way.

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Hi all! I’m Kate and I’m really glad to see ya at my page! Perhaps you’d find something that meets your interests and decide to stay with me.
First I have to say that I’m slasher so you shouldn’t subscribe my page if you are not ok with that!
Mostly I’ll add here some posts about two fandoms – Supernatural and Doctor Who.
I ship Wincest and J2, but I’m def not ok with Destiel and any other pairing.
Talking about “Doctor Who” I ship Eleventh/Amy and Smillan.
More recently I’m interested in Teen Wolf fandom, so you can find here something about Sterek and Dylan O’Brien.
Regardless any fandom I like Karen Gillan and Sophia Bush.
Merthur and Drarry my OTP too.
And the last thing you should know about me is I am a Jared girl, so no attempt to insult him here! At the same time I do not like his wife Genevieve.
So if you still don’t change your mind – welcome, guys!
And yep, I do believe that J2 is REAL. Seriously.